Ambassador Regulation Act

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The Ambassador Regulation Act is a Liberalian Law.

[edit] The Bill

"Ambassador Regulation Bill The Bill give the authority to the Minister of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) to appoint, dismiss and act as an Ambassador with the approval of the Prime Minister (PM). The bill recognises the responsibility of Liberalia's ambassadors to regularly brief the MoFA, promote Liberalia's policies and maintain Liberalia's embassies abroad. Ambassadors may not:

  • knowingly set off a crisis
  • declare war


  • announce policy change that has not been officially announced in Parliament

WITHOUT the MoFA's approval/permission Our ambassadors must abide by the rules of the forum in which our embassy is located

Foreign Ambassadors in Liberalia: MUST declare themselves as ambassadors MAY post replies and start threads MAY NOT vote on any Bills before Liberalia's Parliament."

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